Experience Reports

You are interested in B&B Personaldienste? So please read the reports of our employees and learn more about their experiences.

Experience report by Michael Wallmach

„It feels like being in a big family.“ 

A friend of mine told me about B&B Personaldienste. Now, I have been working as an electrician for B&B since December 2008. My job is very versatile and the working atmosphere in the three companies I have worked for up to now was very good. I think its great that you get to know many people and their ways of working in the different companies. This is why I have learned many new things. And I was able to attend the occupational safety briefing.  This course was very useful for me.

What I especially like about B&B Personaldienste is that you feel like being in a big family.  Everyone looks out for the others no matter which problems you have – we always find a joint solution. Its simply great that the people there do not run things according to the (rule) book but that the contact persons at B&B are interested in meeting your needs. No matter whether you have private or professional problems – there is always someone to lend me support. My conclusion: I am very satisfied with my job with B&B Personaldienste and I recommend the company as often as possible.

Experience report by Eduard Neufeld

„I like the good working atmosphere“

I work as management assistance for warehousing at the Frankfurt airport where I am confronted with new tasks and challenges. This makes my job versatile and I am very satisfied that I do not have to work in a run-of-the-mill day-to-day routine. Moreover, I like the atmosphere at the airport. All of this contributes to the fact that I enjoy going to work every day.   

At B&B Personaldienste, I like the good working atmosphere. My contact persons are always very friendly and there is always someone available if I do have any questions. The relaxed working atmosphere is also reflected among the employees who treat each other incredibly nicely. Another plus factor that speaks for B&B is the very fair salary. This is an indication that my work is acknowledged and appreciated; an additional motivating factor for me.