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Oliver Otto – General manager/partner and your contact person for  qualified electricians and electronics engineers

Tel : (+49) (0) 6152 / 1800-5
Mobil : (+49) (0) 171 / 864 5057
E-Mail :

From 1994 to 1995, I worked for B&B as a temporary worker myself. I was deployed in my learnt profession as an electronics technician. 
After I was, from the temporary employment, taken over by a subsidiary of Siemens into a one-year employment as a service technician, I returned to B & B Personaldienste in January 1997 and started working as a staff deployment manager.
I was then as now fascinated from giving people the same opportunity that I was given when I was looking for a job after I had finished my military service. A job in which I was able to reconcile my knowledge and qualifications but also my needs. A fact that shouldn’t be forgotten: with a fair salary and a very friendly atmosphere based on cooperation.   Thanks to this opportunity I am what I am today – an entrepreneur (since 2001) whose heart is still beating for the daily events and the people involved.
Therefore, our customers, applicants and employees know for sure that we truly live the personnel service – because we love the people and like taking care of their interests and needs.
Apart from the management of the company, I have never stopped doing my job as a staff deployment manager. Thus, I am in charge of the organization and supervision of currently 90 qualified electricians in the Rhine-Main region but also all over Germany and Europe.

Bernd Rausch  – Department manager and your contact person for commercial staff

Tel : (+49) (0) 6152 / 1800-85
Mobil : (+49) (0) 160 / 36 40 163
E-Mail :

I started my professional career with an apprenticeship in a skilled trade. There, I acquired professional experience in various trade sectors, in the automobile industry and in the sales sector for several years.  In 2000, I started my job as a staff deployment manager but I realized that people were not treated the way I whished they were treated. After two years, I was seriously thinking about whether I wanted to continue working in this line of business. I defined my dream job, set my own objectives and this way, I found out that I absolutely wanted to continue working as a personnel service provider. But there should be another way of doing this. I wanted to work in sales, have personal contact with the people, treat them in a friendly and fair manner, be a competent contact person for my employees and customers and make their interests and needs my challenge. This is why I came to B&B in 2002. Since then, I practice my profession with full enthusiasm and I am in charge of the  deployment of staff and the marketing of the department industrial workers. From January 2011 on, I will also assume the responsibility as the department manager of the „Team industrial“. I am glad that I achieved my personal objective and I am looking forward to the very good cooperation with my teammates. 

Ulrike Deromedi  – Manager Administration 

Tel : (+49) (0) 6152 / 1800-5
Mobil : (+49) (0) 160 / 36 40 162
E-Mail :

After my completed commercial vocational training, I worked for a wholesale company for 10 years. There, I already acquired professional experience as a department manager. After my short maternity leave, I was looking for a new challenge and started working in the personnel office. During this time, I completed an advanced training course as a personnel development & recruitment specialist in order to acquire all theoretical basics. Before I came to B&B in March 2009, I was working in the personnel office and administrative office of a internationally operating company for 16 years. 
At B&B, my personal wish – the close cooperation with human beings – came true. Here, our employees and customers  can always address our „Admin Team“ for all aspects regarding personnel administration and accounting services. Within the B&B, I am in charge of all administrative activities in the field of human resources, payroll accounting, accounting as well as preparative accounting. In doing so, I am excellently supported and deputized by my colleagues.